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Take control of your career, so you can enjoy work and life without the stress. Get simple solutions from your HR Lady.

  • Strategies for excelling in any work environment: Are you dealing with a high paced startup, family business drama, or difficult bosses and coworkers? You are in the right place.

  • Resume and interview prep: Are you looking for a career change or promotion? Get resume building help, interview prep guidance, and salary negotiation tips from the HR insider. 

  • Coaching to get to the next level: Are you ready to get to the next stage and lead teams? Learn strategies for getting the job done without being that horrible boss you hated. 


it's Sarah Torres-Ferrick.


For over a decade I worked with executives at government agencies on growing and sustaining high performing workforces. During that time I ran the business side of our family business.


This grew my love for small business and the start of HR Circle, which began as a consulting company to help businesses grow with effective human resources solution.  

Now I use my HR experience to help corporate employees and creatives take control of their careers so they can have the lives they want both at home and at work. 

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What Clients Say

I have worked with many corporate HR departments over the years who have all been amazing and Sarah could easily run any of them.

5 Star Rating


Thank you Sarah - working with you was just great.. thanks

I would hire her again in a second and anyone that has the opportunity to work with Sarah (if she is available) should jump at it because you are not going to find much better out there than her.