Hello, it's Sarah Torres-Ferrick. I'm a human resources officer and creator of the FUN Feedback Framework.
For over a decade I worked with executives at government agencies on growing and sustaining high performing workforces. Now I use these skills to bring effective human resources solutions to small businesses like yours. I help leaders just like you break through the complexities of having employees, so they can advance their businesses with confidence. Today you can find me conducting workshops and speaking at conferences of over 300 people.

What can you expect from me?

I believe in always being helpful especially if it means I get to be creative.

I believe in doing the right thing no matter what.

I believe in raising others up, which is why I am a member of the Female Founders Collective.


I know you deserve the best, so I focus on maintaining my SHRM-Senior Certified Professional certification from the Society for Human Resources Management.

I know managing employees is hard because I have been there.

I know you seek peace-of-mind and confidence, so that is what I offer you.


As Seen In

How did I get like this you ask? Well…

In my early years, I suffered from a speech impediment that crippled my communication with individuals and large groups. When I was not running away from communications I would bite the inside of my cheeks to keep calm. I always worried that I would stutter or say a word incorrectly. When I was a sophomore in college I reached a pivotal moment. I loved going to class and studying philosophy, but I was unhappy. I had been letting my speech impediment stop me from meeting new people and making friends. I no longer wanted to feel caged in my dorm room.


At that moment I knew that there was more in me. I begin working on mindset. This led me to understand that when I clearly identified and focused on a goal then I no longer worried about my speech impediment. Through this journey I learned that our fears and assumptions about communication are not connected to our true goals. I also realized that I was not alone. I saw others crippled by the fear that their employees would no longer like them if they acted like true managers. I knew I could help, and now I help business leaders across the country apply mindset and goal alignment to human resources. 

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What Clients Say

I have worked with many corporate HR departments over the years who have all been amazing and Sarah could easily run any of them.

5 Star Rating


Thank you Sarah - working with you was just great.. thanks

I would hire her again in a second and anyone that has the opportunity to work with Sarah (if she is available) should jump at it because you are not going to find much better out there than her.

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