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At HR Circle we know people matter and people are the key to business success. We are dedicated to helping individuals take control of their careers and for businesses to have the education, tools, and support needed to build and execute effective human capital solutions. 

Our founder, Sarah, started her career with the Department of Navy. She worked throughout the Department of Defense leading projects that included representing the agency on unfair labor practice charges, negotiating contracts, addressing staffing issues during budget shortfalls, implementing updates to workers compensation programs, setting up new human resources offices, training and mentoring human resources teams, and much more. 

She also started and manages the family business (in baseball and softball) with her husband, where she gained firsthand knowledge about the struggles and rewards of being an entrepreneur.  This lead Sarah to start HR Circle which began by providing human resources services to private sector businesses. She helped business grow by hiring and leading great employees. Now HR Circle has expanded to also provide career coaching to employees directly, so they have the education and support needed to get the life and career they love.

What can you expect from us?

We believe in always being helpful especially if it means we get to be creative.

We believe in doing the right thing no matter what.

We believe in raising others up, which is why we are a member of the Female Founders Collective.


We know you deserve the best, so Sarah focuses on maintaining her SHRM-Senior Certified Professional certification from the Society for Human Resources Management.

She knows managing employees is hard because I have been there.

She knows you seek peace-of-mind and confidence, so that is what we offer you.


What Clients Say

I have worked with many corporate HR departments over the years who have all been amazing and Sarah could easily run any of them.

5 Star Rating


Thank you Sarah - working with you was just great.. thanks

I would hire her again in a second and anyone that has the opportunity to work with Sarah (if she is available) should jump at it because you are not going to find much better out there than her.

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