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Things I Love

This page contains affiliate links. Thanks for the support.

Sparkle Hustle Grow

A monthly subscription box of office supplies, business training, business books, and community. Great for a business owner to gift a team member. 



A project management tool that is great for managing calendars, employees, and clients. The free option is robust. 

Full Focus Planner

My favorite paper planner and goal setting tool. Get your team using the same planner system for added efficiency and team alignment. 

Artful Agenda

My favorite digital planner. This planner syncs with other calendars like Google. It also has a great task management function. I use this in addition to my paper planner. 

Use Code: RS48293 to get an exclusive planner cover.  


Personal and professional development are key for success. Skillshare is a user friendly platform with a diverse array of courses. There are free and paid options.


You can get a free 2 week trial of the Premium Plan using my link

Bloom Daily Planners

One of my go to brands for notebooks, planners, calendars, and stationary accessories. I also love their free digital products. 

You can get 10% off with my link

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